Yesterday, my husband leaned over my laptop and saw the above graphic and asked me, “So, are you hot tarring a roof?” It took me a sec to figure out the pun and to set him straight.

Pitch Wars is not a black-sticky-goop-tossing competition. It’s an opportunity for writers to pair up with mentors who will assist their mentees to whip their WIPs into shape then pitch that baby to agents. I hadn’t heard of it until this year when I stumbled upon a Tweet. I’m a little late to the game . . . but not too late.

I’m still piecing together all the parts but it looks like fun. Here’s a Pitch Wars link where you can find all the goodies. This week I went on a Mentor Blog Hop Scavenger Hunt as I searched for a mentor who might want to take on my manuscript. So much talent. Choosing four was tough.

Right now I’m enthusiastically trolling a #PitchWars Twitter Chat to learn more. (And watching my Chicago Cubbies playing the Brewers. The fam went to the game and I’m on the look-out for them. All I know is they are somewhere along the first-base line.)

In reading through the Pitch War’s rules, an unwritten one is to write a bio. and include a few GIFs. Or not. I don’t GIF much because of the load time issue. I don’t like the lag. Not in books. And not on websites. No offense to those who do.

Anyway, for all practical purposes, my website contains a bio but here are a few other tidbits:

  1. My mom named me Janice but she often called me JanLynn, hence, J.lynn. All one name.
  2. Reading is my escape/vice/passion.
  3. I’m allergic to chocolate. Does that deter me?
  4. I’m an editor with a small publishing house. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can edit your own stuff and do it thoroughly. You’re too close to it.
  5. Poetry is my superpower.
  6. I blog about Alzheimer’s at The Slow Forget.
  7. When I was eight, I was almost mauled by a grizzly. I believe in divine intervention.
  8. I also believe you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses.


My next step is to join the Pimp my Bio Contestant Blog Hop. So, that’s where I’m going next.

If you have a manuscript ready, consider joining #PitchWars. I’ll let you know how this goes for me. And if you join, let me know about your experience.

P.S. Cubs win!!