J.lynn Sheridan: A Professed Literary Thief

Let me explain:

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in his A Short Autobiography:

“I want to be able to do anything with words: handle slashing, flaming descriptions like Wells, and use the paradox with the clarity of Samuel Butler, the breadth of Bernard Shaw and the wit of Oscar Wilde, I want to do the wide sultry heavens of Conrad, the rolled-gold sundowns and crazy-quilt skies of Hitchens and Kipling as well as the pastel dawns and twilights of Chesterton. All that is by way of example. As a matter of fact I am a professed literary thief, hot after the best methods of every writer in my generation.”

A Professed Literary Thief. Wow!

There are so many great authors from centuries past and present! So many great ideas and tricks of the craft! So many literary folks with literary friends and literary brains and literary backgrounds.

So help me, I hope to be steeped in literary madness when I’m in my eighties.

 I write UpMarket Women’s Fiction. My first book, The Lure of Beer Can Road, is looking for a publishing home. I also write poetry and publish in literary journals.  And I edit unpublished manuscripts. I may have a literary bug.

After F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote his short autobiography, he added: I don’t care for literary people much . . . they make me nervous.”

I promise I won’t make you nervous if you don’t make me nervous. Check out my blog for updates on my book and more literary fun.

Quoth the Wordsmith

Writers love to quote other writers. I’ve created some super literary graphics for you to keep you motivated and inspired whether you write, teach, draw, or build. I’ll be adding more in the future.

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